Tuesday, 11 May 2010

More Gift! (Part 3)


Mose Know's
The best Gershwin colection I know of by the greatChris Connor.Many rarely palyed tunes from shows not just the "hits"
Many folks know the Impulse Lp but thuis is some great Johhny Hartman latter in Tokyo
Keely Smith was way more that a "straight man" for fool husband in Vegas she was a great "cool singer"
Here is a greta one by Andy Bey.He never gave up evenb when Jazz singers had a hard time finding work in 70's.This is a heartbreaking but beautiful solo piano and voice CD http://rapidshare.com/files/383554329/Andy_Bey-Ballds_Blues___Bey.zip

http://rapidshare.com/files/383650207/James_Clay-A_Double_Dose_Of_Soul.zip anbd since Vic Feldman is on the Clay LP (laos love his "Kid From Dallas" of Jazz West session) here is early Brit Jaz by Vibe and piano man Vic Feldman small groupt BB
I wrote notes on this one since I couldn't find any.Good stuff on this label and here Trumpet player Piotr Wojtasik.Maybe it's a Billy Harper session really since he penned 4 or 5 tunes but leader is Wojtaski and he has some fine CD's on Power Bros.
and while were on Trumpet players (yeah Don these are aimed at you) here is a OOP Eddie Henderson heard to find
And here is when Trumpet Men were TRUMPET MEN
and here is a mellow Botschinky Flugelhorn session to bring you down.Nice

The Capitol Mosaic has long been out of print but I think the real important stuff was the 2nd and 3rd Herds/I think that this was released a long time ago as an LP set (must have been 3 discs) and had 11 more cuts but this has alternate takes so my guess is it covers the 45-47 period as completely as it needed.Killer band.



Clark Terry and Paul Gonsalves.I have the Terry LP but never could come up with the $300+ for the Gonzsalvez.Both were done together in two sessions with a Chicago Radio DJ as producer in 1957.The personnel I think is same and this is between bebop and hardbop.The Gonsalvez session was a bit better as he got the head arrangements and more solos but just the Terry would be a great LP (as were all his 50's efforts).Long out of print it has come out first here on this GRP session under Terry's name and latter by Fresh Sounds under Gonsalves.Both are incredible.Enjoy.

Old Italian Giants meet Italian Young Lions:

Sorry notes on bands are not better but could not find thhe booklet.Would have been a lot of work .But Amazon give some indication of who is on these cuts in the notes section.I think these were held at Sam Rivers Loft-the Rivebea Studios (Bea was Rivers wife's name-Man I saw him live and he was great-a real Wildman On The Loose even in his late 70's).Might be going to see the Heath Brothers this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!





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