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Johnny Lytle ''Be Proud''

Johnny Lytle

''Be Proud''
( LP Solid State Records, 1969 )
Catalog # SS-18044
New York City: 1969

Personnel & Tracklisting:
Johnny Lytle (vib, mar)
with unknown p, org, el-b, d, perc and chorus.

a. Be Proud (Of What You Are) (Johnny Lytle) - 2:30
b. You've Got To Love The World (Johnny Lytle) - 3:00
c. Rosen Forest (Johnny Lytle) - 2:43

same or similar, chorus out.

d. Daahoud (Johnny Lytle) - 2:39
e. Sit Tight (Johnny Lytle) - 3:00
f. Killiano (Johnny Lytle) - 2:41
g. September Of My Years (J. Van Heusen/S. Cahn) - 3:03
h. Above The Clouds (Johnny Lytle) - 2:48
i. Monday, Monday (John Phillips) - 2:35

Issues: a-i on Solid State SS-18044.
Singles: a & b on Solid State SD 2523 [45].
Samplers: b also on Stateside (E) 8661572 [CD] titled TESTIFY II: 26 HUNKS OF FUNKY GROOVE. f also on Blue Note (E) CDP8543572 [CD] titled BLUE JUICE: SQUEEZE...TILL IT RUNS DOWN YOUR LEG.
Producer: Sonny Lester

A nice little sleeper of an album that has Johnny playing with a larger set of arrangements than you typically hear him in, and with a vocal group on a number of tracks. The set still has a good soul jazz groove, which you'd expect from Lytle at the very least, and spans a range of styles that stretches from funky to modal to Latin. Tracks include the spiritual title track, plus "Rosen Forrest", "Daahoud", "Killiano", and "Sit Tight". A tough one to find, too!
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By Pier


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Bill said...

Well done Pier!! EXCELLENT work.MANY THANKS for this gem.

Bill said...

We need"Swingin` at the Gate" next!! Any offers out there??

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