Sunday, 2 May 2010

Great Gift 2!

But grab these quickly!

From Katz, that said:

Great vocalist Deborah Brown plus some straight ahead stuff and Mraz "Morava" is nice and different.Here:
Here listen to the Amina Claudine Myers LP/CD It is amazing blues tribute
(I see one download so you might have heard it-incredible)
Trad stuff
you might like this might not piece Guitarist doing Mingus
Here's that Mraz Eastern European different and great
Last a killer Bossa flavored Harry Allen.Was expensive but worth it.I have more.He is definitely a Prez follower like Scott Hamilton and not everything he has done is great (though none bad) but this is killer.I have another CD like it.Some of shit he did with John Pizarelli and others can be a little to straight ahead an boring but some are great.He did a great Ellington tribute and it's only time I ever hear pianist Bill Charlap really "dig in" and not sound like cocktail lounge player

Not available on the blog free edition (obvious!)...only for the MFS private members!


Courtesy of Katz

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