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Monk Higgins "Little Mama"

Monk Higgins

"Little Mama"
( LP United Artists Records, 1972 )
Catalog # UA-LA005-F

A1 - Little Mama
A2 - Walking In My Sleep
A3 - Trusting You (La, La, La Song)
A4 - So Far Away
A5 - Can't Stop
B1 - Black Fox
B2 - If
B3 - Heaven Only Knows
B4 - God's In The Blessing Business
B5 - Highway Number 101 (Pacific Coast Highway)

An excellent batch of soulful and funky instrumental tracks super-dope 70s work from funky arranger Monk Higgins!
The album grooves in the best blacksploitation soundtrack mode as Monk plays tenor sax and organ in the set over slinky stepping arrangements that feature Paul Humphrey on drums, and Freddy Robinson on guitars all coming together with Monk in a sweet LA style of early 70s funk! The groove is funky, yet laidback at the same timeand with some soulful backing vocals behind the instrumentation on a number of cuts really the perfect sortof approach for a hip crime oraction soundtrack.
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love this ! never heard higgins before your blog ! thanks !


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