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Various Artists "Nicky Siano's Legendary The Gallery: The Original New York Disco 1973-77"

Various Artists

"Nicky Siano's Legendary The Gallery: The Original New York Disco 1973-77"
( 3xLP, Soul Jazz Records, 2004 )
Catalog # SJR LP 100

Nicky Siano born in Brooklyn, New York, in March 18, 1955 and is a pioneer of the dance music scene in the early seventies.
In 1971 at the age of 16 he got his first djing gig, with the help of Robin Lord, and in 1972 he opened The Gallery in SoHo, Manhattan with his older brother Joe Siano. At the time he was considered to be the best DJ in the city and this helped the club attain its legendary status.
NY Daily News named him “the city’s best DJ,” Women’s Wear Daily called him “a genius behind the turntables,” and New York Magazine called his club, The Gallery, “one of the five most visually breathtaking nightspots of our time.”

It was no coincidence that when Steve Rubelle opened Studio 54 he chose Nicky as one of the two original DJ’s, the other was Ritchie Cazor, who has since passed. Continuing his work at the Gallery on the weekends, Nicky weaved his magic during the week at Studio and other many legendary clubs, including Le Jardin, The Grand Ballroom, Galaxy 21, The Limelight, Enchanted Gardens, Hurrah, and The Botel.
When the Gallery closed in 1977 he took his regular Saturday night party to The Buttermilk Bottom where it continued for the next three years. He played for Bianca Jagger's legendary birthday party at , Studio 54, where she rode in on a white stallion.
Having been one of the most successful DJs of his time, Nicky went where many DJs have since gone, into production. He knew what the crowds wanted and so was brought in to help produce records that would set the dancefloor on fire. He inspired and launched the careers of Grace Jones, D.C. La Rue, Loleatta Holloway, Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles, to name a few.

The start of the 1980s proved a rocky time for Siano with him dropping out of the scene and popular consciousness. From 1984 until 1998, Nicky worked with people with AIDS. In 1993 he wrote the best selling AIDS manual "No Time to Wait".
He returned to the turntables at "Body and Soul" for Larry Levan’s Birthday celebration, July 1998. That one appearance returned him to music full time. Since then he has played records steadily, most consistently at the smash hit party, Twelve West in New York, at Cheetah.
In 2004, Soul Jazz Records released the first Gallery Compilation, which is an incredible historic package, that includes rare photo's and narration by Nicky, in an impressive casing.

Nicky is featured in "Maestro", the documentary playing around the world chronicling the life and times of Larry Levan. In Tim Lawrence's epic book, "Love Saves The Day", the definitive book on the seventies dance music scene, Nicky's career is chronicled in some detail.
In MTV/VH1's "The Day Disco Ruled The World", Nicky is the comic relief and shines threw the many big names on this project. The special is being shown on music channels around the world.
A film shot at the Gallery 1975-77, featuring dance scene's that cannot be recreated today, interviews, and the story of one of the patrons, is being edited for release, 2008. "A Night At The Gallery", will actually take the viewer in, and guide him threw a night at the legendary club, in 5.1 surround sound. This is the project Nicky concentrates on now in 2008, as he prepares for the next phase of life.

01) Genie Brown - I Can't Stop Talking
02) Undisputed Truth - Big John Is My Name
03) The Temptations - Law Of The Land
04) Vernon Burch - And You Call That Love
05) Loleatta Holloway - We're Getting Stronger
06) The Isley Brothers - Get Into Something
07) Pointer Sisters - Yes We Can Can
08) Exuma - Exuma, The Obeah Man
09) The Trammps - Love Epidemic
10) Zulema - Giving Up
11) Bobby Womack - I Can Understand It
12) Gloria Spencer - I Got It
13) Bar-Kays - Sang And Dance
14) The Supremes - I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking
15) Bill Withers - Harlem
16) Bonnie Bramlett - Crazy 'bout My Baby
17) Brenda & The Tabulations - A Little Bit Of Love

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Nicky Siano | DJHistory.com

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