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Various Artists ''The Acid Jazz Test Part 4''

Various Artists

''The Acid Jazz Test Part 4''

( Compilation Moonshine Music Records, 1996 )

1. Jhelisa - Whirl Keeps Turning
2. Sound Assembly - Deep
3. Outside - Journeyman Part 1
4. A One - Up There
5. Toledo - Beat Up Thunderbird
6. Oversoul 7 - Whats The Deal
7. Jalal - In The Shade Of The Light
8. I Speak - Warm Reception
9. Chop Shop - Brooklyn Keeps On Taking It
10. Cool Breeze - Cant Deal With This
11. Broun Fellinis - Soulogik Syntax

Michael D. Ahearn (Producer)
Matt Cooper (Conductor)
Matt Cooper (Producer)
Matt Cooper (Engineer)
Matt Cooper (String Arrangements)
Lee Hamblin (Mixing), Imani (Vocals)
Steven Levy (Arranger), Steven Levy (Executive Producer)
Steven Levy (Art Direction)
Steven Levy (Compilation Producer)
Danny Saber (Producer)
Adrian Sherwood (Producer), Yogi (Producer)
Jhelisa (Producer)
Jhelisa (Performer)
Charlie Lexton (Producer)
Jono Podmore (Engineer)
Outside (Performer)
The Broun Fellinis (Producer)
The Broun Fellinis (Performer)
Toledo (Performer), A-One (Performer)
Chop Shop (Performer)
Duncan Millar (Producer)
Rome (Producer)
Jalal (Performer)
Cool Breeze (Performer)
Sound Assembly (Performer)
Jeff Aguila (Artwork)
Jeff Aguila (Design)
Adam Pendse (Guitar (Acoustic))
Kevin Gordon (Arranger)
Kevin Gordon (Producer)
Andreas Allen (Engineer)
Andreas Allen (Mixing)
Alex Myers (Engineer)

Release Date: February 06, 1996

Outside's "Journeyman" and Jhelisa's "Whirl Keeps Turning" are a few of the highlights on the overdone fourth volume of the Acid Jazz Test series from Moonshine.
By Keith Farley, All Music Guide

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