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Don Patterson ''Movin` Up''

Don Patterson

''Movin` Up''
( LP Muse Records, 1977 )
Catalog # MR 5121

1 Room 608
2 Bossa de Leon
3 Trenton makes the World takes
4 The World of Susie Wong
5 The good life
6 Harold`s house of jazz

Don Patterson organ,ARP String Ensemble
Ritche Cole Alto Sax
Billy James Drums
Vic Juris Guitar

Produced by Fred Seibert & Richie Cole

This date was produced much more by Richie Cole than me, but I learned a lot during the session. Mostly, it was firsthand experience with the darker side of the jazz life. But I loved the almost pop quirks of Don’s song selection when he gave a wonderful reading of the obscure theme song to the almost forgotten movie of the novel The World of Suzie Wong.

Fred Seibert

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