Sunday, 21 November 2010

Chris Joss ''Presents Monomaniacs''

French multi-instrumentalist and music producer extraordinaire Chris Joss is back again with a new album Monomaniacs Volume 1. Like a long lost vintage LP plucked from a time capsule buried sometime in the 1970’s this album brings Joss back to a distinctly traditional and dusty funk groove. Recalling the iconic blaxploitation and grindhouse film soundtracks of that era, Monomaniacs is filled with ricocheting breakbeats, whirlwinds of wah-wah, rubber-band basslines, cosmic organs, and even a few shredding rock guitars to put some hair on your chest.

1 We got some (pts 1&2)
2 Optical
3 Kali flowers
4 Re-Volt
5 Ford Mustard Cutter
6 Keep on diggin`
7 Mo lovin`
8 Shafro
9 Backbeating
10 Highway 75
11 Within
12 Jha Mon

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