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Various Artists ''London Street Jazz 1988-2009-21 Years Of Acid Jazz Records''

Various Artists

''London Street Jazz 1988-2009-21 Years Of Acid Jazz Records''
( BGP/Acid Jazz Records, 2010 )

01. The Filthy Six - This 07:52
02. New Jersey Kings - Stoned On Denmark Street 04:43
03. The Brand New Heavies - Mr Tanaka 04:35
04. The James Taylor Quartet - Keep The Dream Alive 05:57
05. Max Beesley's High Vibes - Mr Jeckle 04:02
06. Ed Jones Quartet - Samba Minus One 04:59
07. Ulf Sandberg Quartet - Bolivia 08:11
08. Snowboy & The Latin Section - Mr P.C. 03:41
09. The Bukkyleo Quintet - Rejoice In Righteousness 09:38
10. Emperors New Clothes - Eyes That Burn 07:03
11. Simon Bartholemew - Akimbo 05:20
12. Ohm - Sweet Ohm 05:57
13. The Apostles - Mercy Mercy Me 05:01

* This is the third volume celebrating the Acid Jazz label's 21st anniversary, and this BGP focus on the label's jazz heritage. This compilation, by Dean Rudland, covers all the bases from hard bop through organ grooves, latin rhythms and fast fusion.
* This CD gives an alternative view of London's acid jazz club scene, showing where many of the label's bigger acts' influences come from. Artists such as the James Taylor Quartet, the Brand New Heavies and the New Jersey Kings show their love of the Mizell Brothers' fusion. Whilst future TV star Max Beesley, Simon Bartholomew and the obscure but brilliant Ohm take a turn at a more jazz-funk groove.
* Others such as the Bukkyleo Quintet and the outstanding Ed Jones Quartet play it in a more acoustic mode. In this they are joined by Snowboy with his Latin take on John Coltrane's `Mr PC'. Looking at jazz from outside these points of view are the Emperors New Clothes with an almost free `Eyes That Burn' and the Filthy Six, Acid Jazz's newest signing, who explore a late 60s early 70s Donald Byrd sound.
* The in-depth sleeve notes explain how jazz became so important to a generation of London musicians on the UK soul scene and how they imbued it with a unique British flavour. Also how a Swedish piano teacher spawned a generation of UK organ groups.

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Anonymous said...

ryanb said...

i know this has nothing to do with this post, but i just want to thank you again for those Esther Marrow records, I can't stop listening to them. What a voice!

Guy Magic said...

Nice compilation, I love a little acid with my jazz.

Thanks JazzyP!

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