Friday, 23 July 2010

Little consideration.

Hi dear folks...
I am trying to write in english, it's not my language but i have something to say.
After saw a lot of comments on other blogs that had closed (''thanks, we are missed you, you had made a great work, etc.''), or many other blogs here on Blogspot or WordPress that continues free and happy posting on print cds....sorry but we had made a change of opinion about blogging.
Here on our blog, started in september 2006, we had made a lot of work and only received a lot of critics (bitrate, low quality, scrappy reviews, pissing off on AMG bloggers reviewing, bad words and other shits), and never our work was been decently recognized. So now we are happy to be closed our blog, and we are soon deleting all the existing links on the MFS archives. When we closed at first of july, we had received 3 (three comments), and never more.
Stop the leeching without comments is needing now for us. We also had a lot of problem with RIIA and lawyers (see here an example: IFPI DMCA (Copyright) Complaint to Google), but this is not the question.
The question is: it's not worth it. Now and for the future.
Best regards at all.


Anonymous said...

hi friends,
I frequently look to your blog and see just now that you close. In my opinion your blog was the most important for me to learn more about "old good funky music". Not only one tear about your closing. Otherwise it is a lot of work and many problems, I can understand that you close. Good that the archives of the internet have many or most of the important human music archived. Also I hope that the big music industry die!!!!

luck for you and feel good with the BEST music


Crazy B said...

ouch. super bad news but i belive you and i really understand you all. i'm a very big fan of yours. as a digger i keep only what i like. i mean i digg only funk and breaks. and when i found a good beat in your blog, i always said "thanks" to you.
i hope you will be back in the future. even if you will post one album per week.

Tim said...

Noooo, don't leave us! I check your blog almost every day, and download occasionally, and try to remember to leave a comment. But I'm guilty, too...I recently grabbed the Monomono and Joni Haastrup albums, but have not commented to say thank you yet because I have not listened to them yet, unfortunately. You guys do a wonderful job of sharing and exposing music, please keep up the good work!

ryanb said...

I second that, I'm here almost everyday, and I generally leave comments when I download something. I appreciate the work you do and hope that you stay. This blog has opened my eyes to SO MUCH good music, i really don't have the words to express my gratitude. You'll be truly missed!!!!

Lexify said...

i'm sorry to hear that you are closing this great blog!
You have been a major source for my musical education, and i thank you from my heart. It has been a great time while blogs like yours were the new horizon!!
I wish you all the best for the future and the happy life you all deserve!
Best Regards,

Bill said...

Hi Pier and all the MFS crew,
Been away for two weeks holiday. Had a great time, but I`ve just read your post from Friday. It`s a damn shame that it has come to this. It`s totally disgusting that people can`t leave feedback in response for your generosity and hard work in sharing all this impossible to find stuff.I understand how you must feel. Plus, you`ve got the legal hassle!
As I`ve said before your blog has introduced me to new artists and shared with me albums that I thought I`d never hear. Thank you so much for that.
All the very best,
PS If I ever come across John Lytle`s "Swinging at the Gate" I`ll email it to you.

Tony said...

I want to thank your for your enormous efforts over the past years and I know you don't get much approval for this effort. When confronted by legal attacks this makes it unsustainable. You have done a great job in bringing to our attention music we would otherwise have been unaware of.


E-mile said...

Pier, Celo & MFS gang: you know how much you mean to me by my comments, and stuff I shared with you in the past and at least once a week I try to check MFS! Once again, a zillion thanks for all the unknown gems you shared here!
Don't let the ungrateful bastardos grind you down, but be careful indeed with all that legal shyte!
Keeping the blog private is no option for you guys?
If this is a goodbye, I wish all the best, good health and ofcourse all the good music one can dream of....
hope to speak to you again,

Bob said...

Hey, whatever you do, i will appreciate all the great sounds that i never would have heard otherwise. i always tried to remember to say thanks when i downloaded something from you - sorry if i missed one or two !


soultrane said...

"we had made a lot of work and only received a lot of critics (bitrate, low quality, scrappy reviews, pissing off on AMG bloggers reviewing, bad words and other shits"

Can be that right? I can´t believe somebody can make those comments to this amazing blog.

Keep going my friends.

FORZA amici !!!

funkysoul59 said...

Vedo anch'io un proliferare di blog con contenuti e link fotocopia dei Vostri, (addirittura ho visto linkato qualche mio rip), non bisogna mai esser tristi in questi casi. Mi ricordo di una Radio "PUNTO RADIO" dove lavorava anche Vasco è stata la prima radio privata "diversa", poi ha chiuso ma ha fatto la storia.
Per la riscoperta della "nostra musica" la storia l'avete fatta Voi.



MFS Equipe ♪ said...

Grazie Funkysoul59...and thx at all for the love!

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