Tuesday, 27 July 2010


To all the members:
The MFS Blog, as private and only for a restrict number of friends, continues open.
Old notices was referred to the ''Free/Open'' blog, and the situation was very bad.
MFS from 1st of July remains only in the private form.
Other editions of the blog, as MFS Links or MFS Radio continues open too.
Thanks for all the comments & participation...the 'small circle of friends' continues alive and well...only for us.


Bill said...

Phew! That`s great news. Thought it was all over! Let`s hope you get some input with feedback and contributions.
All the best as ever,

Tony said...

Thanks for keeping it going despite the flack.

Tarkus said...

I'm happy about this!
Hold on!

ryanb said...


quatermass said...

grazie di tenere duro ancora


Andy said...

You have made my day Pier! Pour yourself a drink!

Guy Magic said...

Hi P,

I've been away for a while and I'm really glad to be back!

As always, thank you for the great job you do here - it's very much appreciated.


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