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Esther Marrow "Newport News, Virginia" Re-Uploaded

Esther Marrow

"Newport News, Virginia"
( LP Flying Dutchman , 1969 )
Catalog # FDS-113

A1 - He Don’t Appreciate It 4:55
A2 - No Answer Came 5:03
A3 - Hello Brother 2:50
A4 - Money Honey 2:31
A5 - Peaceful Man 4:37
B1 - Mama 4:14
B2 - Satisfied 3:19
B3 - What A Wonderful World 3:10
B4 - Walk Tall 3:40
B5 - It’s Been A Long Night 2:37
B6 - Chains Of Love 3:00

A real landmark of bad-walking soul , one of 2 rare albums cut by vocalist Esther Marrow, easily one of the hardest singing sisters of her generation! Esther's got roots in gospel, but she's singing here in a righteous mode that features plenty of funky undercurrents in the backings a style that hits harder than work by Aretha Franklin or any of the better-known female singers of the time and which holds up beautifully over the years! Many tracks here are obscure ones, arranged tightly by Artie Butler and Gene Page, both of whom do a great job of blending fuller orchestrations with tighter drums on the bottom giving the record a good kick on most tracks, but still shading in the tunes with enough sophistication to match Esther's interpretation of the work. As hard-hitting as Marlena Shaw during her best years at Cadet with titles that include "No Answer Came", "Money Honey", "Walk Tall", "Peaceful Man", "Hello Brother", "Chains Of Love", "It's A Long Night", and "He Don't Appreciate It".
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By Celo


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Bill said...

I`ll take this one! Thanks for sharing.

Andy said...

Superb again,Walk Tall a favourite for me,thanks Celo

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