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Esther Marrow "Sister Woman"

Esther Marrow

"Sister Woman"
( LP Fantasy Records, 1972 )
Catalog # 9414

A1 - Woman In The Window 3:14
A2 - Ghetto 4:20
A3 - Trade Winds 4:45
A4 - Turn On To Jesus 6:09
B1 - Rainy Night In Georgia 5:40
B2 - Things Ain't Right 3:33
B3 - Ask Me To Dance 3:19
B4 - And When I Die 5:15

Very righteous work from Esther Marrow a soul sister who sings with a hell of a lot of power! The set's an overlooked gem in the Fantasy catalog of the 70s, and it's one of only two secular soul albums cut by Marrow -- and quite possibly the best of the bunch, too! Esther's got some great help on the set from arrangers Richard Tee, Bernard Purdie, and Bobby Scott -- each of whom set Marrow up with some small group backing that keeps things tight and soulful throughout thanks in big part to the drum work, which is handled by Purdie, Jimmy Johnson, and Idris Muhammad. Other players include Tee on organ and piano, Cornell Dupree on guitar, and Ralph McDonald on congas whose percussion really helps shape the sound of most of the grooves. There's a horn section too used sparingly and there's also a bit of backing vocals from The Reflections, although Esther's pretty much in the lead on all numbers.
Titles include "Trade Winds", "Things Ain't Right", "Ask Me To Dance", "Woman In The Window",and "Ghetto".
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By Celo


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Bill said...

I`m glad you are still posting. I thought it was all finished! Must have missed this.Thank you for the share.

ryanb said...

holy shit. this the one of the best records I have never heard! thanks so much!

Andy said...

Big thanks Celo,if this is one of the last posts it sure is a beauty.I have Rainy night in Georgia and look forward to the rest, she is one hell of a good singer

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