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Melvin Rhyne Trio ''Tomorrow Yesterday Today''

Melvin Rhyne Trio

''Tomorrow Yesterday Today''
( Criss Cross Jazz Records, 2003 )
Catalog # 1252

1. Lover Come Back To Me (Oscar Hammerstein / Romberg)
2. Buffalo (Kenny Dorham)
3. Jingles I (Wes Montgomery)
4. Darn That Dream (DeLange / Jimmy Van Heusen)
5. Niambi (Melvin Rhyne)
6. Five Flat Minor (Melvin Rhyne)
7. Enchantment (Horace Silver)
8. Tangerine (Schertzinger / Johnny Mercer)
9. Easy Living (Robin / Rainger)
10. Jingles II (Wes Montgomery)

Personnel & Credits:
Tad Shull Sax (Tenor)
Kenny Washington Drums
Peter Bernstein Guitar
Melvin Rhyne Organ (Hammond)

Note Info:
A Hammond B3 heavyweight since his days with Wes Montgomery, Melvin Rhyne returns to the fold for his first Criss Cross release since 2000's Classmasters.
His seventh effort for the label as a leader, Tomorrow Yesterday Today features guitarist Peter Bernstein and drummer Kenny Washington on a prime set of standards, with four cuts adding special guest tenorman Tad Shull.
Total Time: 61:50
Recorded December 11, 2003 in Brooklyn, NY, USA by Max Bolleman

By Pier


Anonymous said...



Sergio said...

THANK YOU! One of the few missing Mel Rhyne albums in my collection. Wonderful share.

Anonymous said...

Another great Mel Rhyne album. Thanks for sharing!

This is a standard jazz organ trio album with sax added for a few tracks.

Maybe this is the best Rhyne album in my opinion, of those I have heard (I have not heard all though). The album is balanced and diversified while still coherent when it comes to the repertoire and with really great playing by all involved.
It feels like Rhyne is enjoying playing in this company of top-notch players and he plays very well!
The album is also very well produced regarding sound (e.g. Mel Rhyne's left hand walking bass lines are not too low in the mix).

Thanks again!

/Jazz Organ Fan

Anonymous said...

Hi Pier

I'm into Mel Rhyne, and I would like to ask if you happen to have

Melvin Rhyne - Classmasters
(Criss Cross Jazz 1183 CD)


Melvin Rhyne - Front And Center
(Criss Cross Jazz 1290 CD)

If you have them and would like to share them it would be great and I would be thankful.

Anyway and always,
All the best to you,
/Jazz Organ Fan

JAZZYPIER ♪ said...


Hope you well & fine.
So, we are starting the hunt, 'cause we don't have both.
Stay tuned dear friend.



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