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The Jazz Convention "Up Up With The Jazz Convention"

The Jazz Convention

(Schema Records, 1998)

Personnel :
Fabrizio Bosso - Trumpet
Gaetano Partipilo - Sax
Gianluca Petrella - Trombone
Stefano Bollani - Acoustic piano
Giuseppe Bassi - Double bass
Fabio Accardi - Drums

Tracklisting :
01 Argento d'Africa (S. Bollani)
02 Modal Convention (G. Partipilo)
03 Mira (A. Hill)
04 Team Spirit (G. Bassi)
05 Memory of a Dream (G. Bassi)
06 Unit 7 (JJ. ones)
07 Amanda (D. Pearson)
08 Mr. Kenyatta (L. Morgan)
09 That's the Way It Is (G. Partipilo)
10 Saluti Dalla Penisola (S. Bollani)

Recorded at Sorriso Studio Bari Studios 2nd, 3rd, 4th, June 1997

Review :
An overlooked gem from the early years of Schema Records -- a straight jazz set that crackles with classic modal energy! The group's really a great one -- and features some tremendous trumpet from Fabrizio Bosso -- plus trombone from Gianluca Petrella, piano from Stefano Bollani, and saxes from Gaetano Partipilo -- mostly all players who've really gone on to make a name for themselves after this set! There's a really classic feel here -- somewhere between the Italian jazz of the Basso/Valdambrini group, and some of the best hardbop on Saba/MPS. The group falls into none of the cliches that you might expect -- quite a surprise at the mid 90s time of the session, but a bit more common in today's club jazz era -- and the production here is wonderful too, just right for the 60s feel of the record.
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