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Lo Greco Bros "Desire"

Lo Greco Bros

(UjaMM'n/Flying Records, 1996)

Personnel :
Mary Birch - Vocal on "Desire" and "Somewhere"
Licia Russo - Vocals on all tracks
D.I. (Black Machine) - Vocals on "Moving On" and "Brothers For Real"
Enzo Lo Greco - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Bass
Simone Meneghello - Soprano - Alto sax and samples
Gianni Lo Greco - Drums and Percussions
Ronald Brown - Trumpet

Tracklisting :
01 Fall In Love
02 Follow Your Heart
03 Desire (DJ Skizo Remix)
04 Jazz Vibes
05 Just Another Girl
06 Brothers For Real
07 Heaven
08 Don't Let Me Lonely Tonight
09 Woman
10 Street Games
11 When I'm...
12 Somewhere
13 Jazzy Jam
14 Moving On
15 Desire (Original Version)

The Lo Greco brothers are one of the hottest and closest rhythm sections of the Italian and International scene. They are therefore very sought after Session Men by the best musicians.
During their many years of impeccable professionalism they have added a series of high profile collaborations to their curriculum, to include: Paul Jeffrey, Steve Grossman, Sal Nistico, Jerry Bergonzy, Bruce Gertz, Jhon Abercrombie, Gianni Basso, Massimo Urbani, Larry Nocella, L. Bonafede, E.Cisi, S. Fanni, G. Bedori, G. Baiocco, P. Conte, T. Ghiglioni, R. Sellani, S. Palumbo, M. Rusca, F. Boltro, P. Bassini, F. Olivieri, D. Moroni, G. Manusardi, G. Liguori, G. Cifarelli, A. Donadio, B. De Filippi, T. De Piscopo, J. Senese, T. Esposito, E. Avitabile, P. Fariselli, L. Nocella, P. Della Porta, A. Cappelletti, T.Fontana, F. Cerri, E. Intra, F. Ambrosetti, etc…in brief, the most acclaimed Italian jazz artists. Their international collaborations are just as prestigious: Chet Baker, Brian Auger, Stewe Grossman,Jimmy Glaiser, Tommy Campbell, D. Petrovick, Kurtz Well, Jimmy Owens, Harvey Mason, Mike Melillo, Alex Bally, Julius Farmer, Carl Potter, Bob Moover, Luis Agudo, Tony Scott, Mike Rosen, Sonnie Taylor, George Achedo, Bob Porcelli, Candelo Cabezas, Rachel Zed, Jimmy Ohwens, Whoody Show, and many more.
The Lo Greco Brothers came on the Italian music scene in 1985 with ‘Coca e Rhum’, an album in collaboration with C. Cifarelli. In 1988 they recorded ‘Up Trio, and album in collaboration with F. Boltro, M. CoIombo and C. Cabesaz, in which their instrumental ability which goes beyond virtuousity. In 1990 they recorded ‘Full Time’ with G. Visibelli, D. Faiella, M. Colombo, D. Di Gregorio under the Italian Jazz label Splash Rec.; a piece which takes different directions with personal musical touches.
In 1993 they recorded ‘Segreti d’Autore’, a Cd comprising 13 original pieces which share a sense of melody and rhythm whilst intertwining jazz and some typical Mediterranean sounds, bringing the Greco Brothers back to their roots. Later they recorded ‘The Jazzy Rap Night’, a live CD in collaboration with Radical Stuff, toying with the idea of fusing together two musical cultures which stem from the same ‘Black American’ social structure yet have different places in history. That is: jazz, traditionally a cultured and artistic type of music, and Hip Hop, the manifestation of inadequacy and contemporary social protest. The end result of this historic ‘Live’ is a distinctive blend of music with exceptional and innovative energy.
At this point in their career, their desire to continually renew themselves leads them to England and other Northern European countries such as Holland, Germany, France, Belgium and Scandinavia, with a series of gigs in clubs and theatres, collaborating with the first Nu Jazz, trip hop and Drum n Bass DJ’s on the scene. The result was a record for U Jammin label in London and Flyng Records in Italy, which, considering the time, is and always will remain the first true Nu Jazz album. Mixing a DJ’s vynl grooves with jazz musicians who improvise rythms and solos over melodies such as Coltrane’s ‘Love Supreme’, gillespie’s ‘Night in Tunisia’ or Miles Davis’ ‘Freedom Jazz dance’. The subsequent tours and series of events give birth to more material, and therefore more albums.
Their journey leads them to Luciano Cantone, a renowned editor and producer for Schema Records, whose synergy gives birth to soulstance, a new project comprising four albums: 1.En Route, 2.Act On, 3.Life Zize, 4.Lead the way 5. and a special edition of SHAKTI' (EMI) TRUE SEMPLICYTY And LOVE released in the US. As well as many singles dedicated to the Nu Jazz scene, with hommages to the past like Jobim, In the eye of this musical storm, in a scene inspired by rare album collections to new musical worlds, a new and important collaboration is born with a very prominent figure: Gerardo Frisina, DJ and producer, as well as a fantastic collaborator and friend, with which 3 albums and numerous singles were produced; many remixes for various labels and artists (see G. Frisina) Schema Rec. Meeting and collaborating with Nicola Conte, another Schema Rec. producer and DJ, is as intense and interesting. They worked together on some titles for his first solo project ‘jet sound’ and on various remixes on behalf of other artists and label producers.
At the same time, the Greco brothers never abandon their pure Jazz objectives, and compose ‘reflections’, an album which encloses a thought of great elegance and style matured through the years and a rich baggage of artistic maturity which brings them to the logical progression of the Quintetto Lo Greco with the album ‘Snap count’, which will go on to become their defining achievement in a string of successes.
The latest Lo Greco creation is ‘Vertical Groove’, which goes beyond electro funk and broken beat music and was born from and idea and collaboration with Piergiorgio Capozza - an important dj and producer and organizing of clubnights in the Nu jazz scene ( Their first three tunes are currently gaining recognition with various clubs and Dj’s worldwide, whilst they prepare a high impact album for enthusiasts.

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