Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Louie Ramirez ''A Different Shade Of Black''

Louie Ramirez

''A Different Shade of Black''
Salsa 1976

Check this version of "Do it anyway you wanna" by People`s Choice.

Drums - Bernard Purdie
Guitar - Cornell Dupree
Congas - Arthur Jenkins
Percussion - Johnny Rodriguez
Piano - Paul Griffin
Saxophone - Bob Porcelli
Vibraphone, Timbales - Louie Ramirez
Bass - Gordon Edwards, Rasaan Jemmott Mfalme, William Salter
Backing Vocals - Eric Alexander, Liz Lampert, Susan Skye

1 Salsa
2 You Need A Man
3 A Different Shade Of Black
4 Latin Rhapsody
5 Laura
6 Do It Any Way You Wanna
7 School
8 Bad Luck
9 Barrio Nuevo
10 If I Should Lose You

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Bill said...

Bill says...https://rapidshare.com/files/1585477200/A_Different_Shade_of_Black.zip

JazzyPier said...

Thank u Bill! Awesome!

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