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Dr. York ''Shake-n-Skate'' 12''


Dr. York

''Shake-n-Skate'' 12''
( 12'' Disco Single, Passion Records, 1980 )
Catalog # LP 520559

B-Side of ''Roll-A-Rock''
Format:Vinyl, 12"

Dr. York - Skateboarding had punk, roller skating had disco, hence roller skating is one of the most popular youth culture movements on the planet, with millionaire professional icons and an entire industry that feeds off of it, and skateboarding is a thing of the past, last practiced by Marty McFly as he escaped Biff the town bully.
This is Roller Skating's best song.
It was recorded by Dr. York, who is now doing 140 years in federal prison for a very unsavory conviction.

In 2002 York was arrested and charged with over a hundred counts of sexually molesting dozens of children, some as young as four years old. According to Bill Osinski, who wrote a book on the case: "When he was finally indicted, state prosecutors literally had to cut back the number of counts listed — from well beyond a thousand to slightly more than 200 — because they feared a jury simply wouldn’t believe the magnitude of York's evil. It is believed to be the nation’s largest child molestation prosecution ever directed at a single person, in terms of number of victims and number of alleged criminal acts."
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Please give us the song as a dl

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