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Arthur Blythe ''Lenox Avenue Breakdown''

Arthur Blythe

''Lenox Avenue Breakdown''
( LP Columbia Records, 1979)
Catalog # JC35638

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Despite its much too long in coming reissue, Lenox Avenue remains a largely unknown jazz classic, at least to those too young or too old to have followed the scene close enough when it originally came out. In my mind, it's a must have, an essential CD.
Recorded at Mediasound Studios, NY.
Mastered at CBS Recording Studios, New York.

1. Down San Diego Way
2. Lenox Avenue Breakdown
3. Slidin' Through
4. Odessa

Arthur Blythe: alto saxophone
James Newton: flute
Bob Stewart: tuba
James "Blood" Ulmer: guitar
Cecil McBee: bass
Jack DeJohnette: drums
Guillermo Franco: percussion

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