Tuesday, 28 September 2010

MFS & Celo Presents: ”From The Vault” (Some 7” Funk & Soul Rarities) Part Two

MFS & Celo Presents:

”From The Vault” (Some 7” Funk & Soul Rarities) Part Two

Chris Jones
”I’m The Man” 7”

James Brown
”The Chichen/The Popcorn” 7”

Junior & The Classics
”Kill The Pain” 7”

Rufus Thomas
”Funky Missisippi / So Hard To Get Along With” 7”

The Fabolous Shalimars
”Funky Line” (Pts.1 & 2) 7”

The Unifics
”Funky Thing” 7”

Willie Henderson
”Gangster Boogie Bump/Let’s Merengue” 7”

All original vinyl rips by Celo



Anonymous said...

PW myfavouritesound

Bill said...

Hi Celo,
I was looking forward to the 2 "From the Vault" posts but the files come up as deleted???

MFS Equipe ♪ said...

No Bill the files are working filne & well at Multiupload....i don't know what it is....

Anonymous said...

direct multiupload link:


Bill said...

It`s my Rapidshare account.Ithink.It keeps asking me to buy Rapids, but I`m in credit??? Thanks for trying with the direct link.Both "From the Vaults" look GOOD.

ryanb said...

awesome! thanks!!!

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