Sunday, 5 September 2010

Gary Baldwin & Mick Hansen ''Spycatcher''

Gary Baldwin & Mick Hansen

(Lizard Records, 1997)

Gary Baldwin Hammond
Mick Hanson Guitar
Mike Bradley Drums 2/4/5/7/9
Mark Bryant Drums 1/3/6/8/10
Yvonne Webley Vocals

1 Camp Freddie
2 What was that?
3 Today I sing the Blues
4 One for Carlos
5 Good News Blues
6 Looking for
8 Don`t eat me alive
9 September Sun
10 Spycatcher
11 Who can I turn to?

Nice mix of organ/guitar/vocals

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By Bill


Bill said...

Bill says

No P/W

MFS Equipe ♪ said...

Thank you Bill for this one!

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