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Cynthia Jones ''Gotta Soul''

Cynthia Jones - G1
Cynthia Jones

''Gotta Soul''

Release Date: April 29, 2008

01.. Intro
02.. Live Right
03.. If
04.. Midnight
05.. God Said
06.. Love Jones
07.. Im in Christ
08.. Take me Back
09.. Gotta Soul
10.. Testimony
11.. Something About That Name
12.. No Apology
13.. Gotta Soul (Two Step Mix)
14.. Taste and See
15.. Something About The Name (dance mix)
16.. Outro

CYNTHIA JONES is the powerful neo soul gospel who is quickly becoming a big voice in the music industry. The NC Announcer's Guild Prestige Award Winner has touched the lives of so many people, from all walks of life, from the churched to the unchurched, uplifting the kingdom of God through her lyrically uncompromising style of music.
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