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Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Orchestra ''With Rhoda Scott''

Thad Jones Mel Lewis Orchestra With Rhoda Scott

Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra ''With Rhoda Scott''
(aka Rhoda Scott in New York with the Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra) is a 1976 big band jazz album recorded by jazz organist Rhoda Scott with the Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra and released on the Barclay (France) record label.

Rhoda, born in New Jersey (USA) as a daughter of a priest in 1938, discovers her love for the organ very early. As a member of a gospel choir she even plays for services. A solid study of classical organ playing follows - the base for her later career. To earn some extra money she accepts jobs in night clubs where she first touches the world of jazz.

1968 Rhoda moves to France, the native country of her husband Raoul Saint-Yves. Concerts lead her through almost whole Europe. Her greatest successes are celebrated in Paris where a lot of wonderful recordings were made. The Barefoot Lady, how she is called due to here playing the pedal barefoot, is a great, a very great viruoso, has said Arthur Rubinstein.

1 Mach 2
2 Tanikka
3 Rhoda Map
4 R And R
5 Charlotte's Waltz
6 Walkin About
7 Take A Ladde

Rhoda Scott – hammond organ
Thad Jones – flugelhorn (tracks 2,3,4,5,6,7)
Mel Lewis – drums
Harold Danko – piano
Bob Bowman – bass
Jerry Dodgion – alto saxophone, flute
Larry Schneider – tenor saxophone, clarinet
Greg Herbert – tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet
Ed Xiques – alto saxophone, flute
Pepper Adams – baritone saxophone
Al Porcino – trumpet
Cecil Bridgewater – trumpet
Earl Gardner – trumpet
Lynn Nicholson – trumpet
Billy Campbell – trombone
Clifford Adams – trombone
Earl McIntyre – trombone
John Mosca – trombone


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