Saturday, 11 June 2011

Stevie Wonder ''At The Close Of A Century''

A great 4 disc box set from a living legend,I have only seen him once and that was a poor performance in Wellington NZ during the 80's.This makes up for it.Track info and reviews here.Enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

no pw

Bill said...

Great! Thanks!

Andy said...

You're welcome Bill,I see you've been digging the crates at Soulsole.Great Jazz.

Bill said...

Hi Andy,
I`ve been VERY busy diggin at SoulSole..what a source!! I`ve neglected MFS a bit because I keep filling up my harddrive and I don`t get much freetime.I`ll try to rectify that. SoulSole has not posted for a bit..hope all is well.

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