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The Who ''Who's Next'' (Deluxe Edition)

The Who

''Who's Next''
(Deluxe Edition) (2003)
( Original LP released on Track Records, Catalog # 2408 102, UK, 1971 )

Disc: 1
1. Baba O'Riley
2. Bargain
3. Love Ain't For Keeping
4. My Wife
5. The Song Is Over
6. Getting In Tune
7. Going Mobile
8. Behind Blue Eyes
9. Won't Get Fooled Again
10. Baby Don't You Do It (Bonus Track)
11. Getting In Tune (Bonus Track)
12. Pure And Easy (Bonus Track)
13. Love Ain't For Keeping (Bonus Track)
14. Behind Blue Eyes (Bonus Track)
15. Won't Get Fooled Again (Bonus Track)
Disc: 2
1. Love Ain't For Keeping (Live At The Young Vic)
2. Pure And Easy (Live At The Young Vic)
3. Young Man Blues (Live At The Young Vic)
4. Time Is Passing (Live At The Young Vic)
5. Behind Blue Eyes (Live At The Young Vic)
6. I Don't Even Know Myself (Live At The Young Vic)
7. Too Much (Live At The Young Vic)
8. Of Anything (Live At The Young Vic)
9. Getting In Tune (Live At The Young Vic)
10. Bargain (Live At The Young Vic)
11. My Generation (Live At The Young Vic)
12. (I'm A) Road Runner (Live At The Young Vic)
13. Naked Eye (Live At The Young Vic)
14. Won't Get Fooled Again (Live At The Young Vic)

Album Information:
Original Release Date: March 25, 2003
Produced by: The Who
Associate Produce: Glyn Johns
Executive Producers: Kit Lambert, Chris Stamp, Pete Kameron
Violin on ''Baba O'Riley'' produced by Keith Moon
Roger Daltrey: Vocals
Keith Moon: Drums, Percussion
John Entwistle: Bass, Brass, Vocals, and Piano on ''My Wife''
Pete Townshend: Guitars, VCS3 Organ, A.R.P. Synthesizer, Vocals, and Piano on ''Baba O'Riley''
Nicky Hopkins: Piano on ''The Song Is Over'' and ''Gettin' In Tune''
Dave Arbus: Violin on ''Baba O'Riley''

It seems amazing that a band that frequently smashed their instruments and set off smoke bombs on stage would be able to sit down and write a thoughtful and calm album. Even though for some time they were listed as the World's Loudest Rock Band, you wouldn't know it from this album. At a time when The Who were delving deep into the art of musical composition, this record almost seems strangely out of place. Following the successful rock opera Tommy, and immediately preceding another rock opera, Quadrophenia, this conventional rock album doesn't really fit into the direction The Who seemed to be headed in. However, Who's Next is actually partially comprised by a double rock opera named The Lifehouse Project that wasn't finished until year 2000. The Who's Next portion of this project contains the story of total contamination of the world via pollution, and everyone wears ''Lifesuits'' that simulate a life from within the house. A man starts up a rock concert where people do not have to wear 'Lifesuits' due to the fact that they are outside the pollution's range, and when the police storm it, the 'perfect'note is hit, and everyone watching and in the concert disappears. With The Lifehouse Project supposedly a disaster, it turned out to be a great step for The Who, for when Who's Next was released in 1971, it would become The Who's finest hour, as it became the most successful album ever recorded by the band.
Recorded and Mixed by Glyn Johns at Olympic Studios
All songs published by Towser Tunes, BMI
All songs composed by Pete Townshend except ''My Wife'', composed by John Entwistle

''Who's Next'' album cover booklet

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