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Acoustic Alchemy ''Against the Grain''

Acoustic Alchemy

Another one off cassette tape,the tape appears unplayed.
All songs written or co-written by members of Acoustic Alchemy.

1. Against The Grain
2. Lazeez
3. A Different Kind Of Freedom
4. Lady Lynda
5. Road Dogs
6. Shoot The Loop
7. Across The Golden Gate
8. Papillon
9. Silent Partner
10. Nouveau Tango

By the time of Against the Grain, Acoustic Alchemy's albums had become rather indistinguishable from each other. All of the records contained fine moments, but their gentle, lilting music began sounding a little formulaic. Nevertheless, that doesn't make Against the Grain a bad album -- just not a particularly noteworthy one. ~ Sara Sytsma
Recorded at Mayfair Studios and Winsford Studios, London, England; Hansa Haus, Bonn, Germany. Includes liner notes by Greg Carmichael.

Greg Carmichael (guitar)
John Parsons (electric guitar, steel guitar, dobro)
Nick Webb (12-string guitar, steel guitar)
Jerry Douglas (dobro)
Philip Todd (flute, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone)
Rainer Bruninghaus (piano, keyboards)
Mike Herting, Terry Disley (keyboards)
Bert Smaak (drums)
Luis Jardim (percussion).

Add Notes:
Audio Mixers: Klaus Genuit; Steve Jones .
Photographer: Chet Snedden.
Unknown Contributor Roles: Joseph Moore; Cara Bridgins; Andy Baltimore.
Acoustic Alchemy: Nick Webb, Greg Carmichael (acoustic guitar).
Additional personnel: John Parsons (acoustic & electric guitars, dobro); Jerry Douglas (dobro); Phil Todd (flute, soprano & tenor saxophones); Rainer Bruninghaus (piano, keyboards); Terry Disley, Mike Herting (keyboards); Paul Harriman (bass); Bert Smaak (drums); Luis Jardim (percussion); Iain McArthur (programming).

By Andy

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