Thursday, 21 April 2011

Various Artists ''Get It Together''

Various Artists

''Get It Together''
( LP Mainstream Records - MRL 350 )

Charles Kynard - Smiling Faces Sometimes [reissued on MRL-413 Booty]
Charles McPherson - What's Going On [from MRL-329 Charles McPherson]
Dave Hubbard - Respect Yourself [reissued on MRL-413 Booty]
Charles McPherson - Have You Seen Her
Charles Kynard - Fire and Water
Dave And The Jay Jay's - Family Affair* [reissued on MRL-413 Booty]
Charles Williams - (Where Do I Begin) Love Story [from MRL-312 Charles McPherson]
Charles Kynard - It's Too Late [from MRL-331 Charles Kynard]
Johnny Coles - Never Can Say Goodbye [from MRL-346 Katumbo (Dance)]

*Assuming the "Dave" is Dave Hubbard since there seems to be absolutely no record anywhere of a group called "Dave and The Jay Jays".

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Bill said...

Interesting! Thanks for the share.

Andy said...

Well done on a fine reconstruction.

JazzyPier said...

Not mine folks!!!!
See the Shad Shack blog and send a tribute!!!

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