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Michael Falkenstein 4 CDs Courtesy of Lupo!

Michael's way as a Hammond freak and a professional was determined by his father's activities who has been involved in the service business for electronic instruments. In 1982, he opened a Hammond studio in which Michael, as a youngster, was allowed to present Hammond instruments. This was a unique chance to play and teach himself. Very quickly, he adopted famous organ players like Jimmy Smith, Curt Prina or Wild Bill Davis.
The Hammond became his passion. "A Hammond sticker was worth a whole bunch of bills", he says. Just turned 15, he performed for the first time. In the years to follow, Michael had some excellent chances to meet artists who gave him decisive impulses for his further career: James Brown and Jimmy Smith. James dubbed him "Prince of Soul on the Hammond-Organ".
Michael's business today is the Hammond. He is the general sales manager for Hammond Suzuki in Germany, Austria and some East European countries.

Michael Falkenstein started at the age of four years with the game of keyboard instruments. He was inspired by his parents.
Since 1992, Falkenstein worked as manager of the Hammond company for the German speaking countries. 1995 Michael Falkenstein met in Montreux for the first time with the "King of Soul" - James Brown - together, who in 1998 visited in person at the Hammond organ studio of his parents during a concert in Frankfurt on the "Prince of Soul" hit.
Michael Falkenstein sees music as a part of life, as a universal language. Its aim is to create understanding between diverse people. He loves to extremes to keep one another. He wants to show that it is possible through understanding, respect, respect for and interest in the thoughts and feelings of others formed friendship.

Lupo's comment:
Today I'd like to introduce a German Hammond player: Michael Falkenstein.
Not all of his CDs are jazzy or funky, but nevertheless it's interesting.

High Heel Sneakers
Hammond Explosion
Organs And Cars
Hammond Swing
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Courtesy (obvious!) by Lupo


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This should be GOOD! New to me and looking forward to them.Thanks Lupo!

Bill said...

Just like to say I was not disappointed! It`s great to find new music. Thanks for sharing this Lupo.

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Thanks for the share!

E-mile said...

organ-astic! thanks a lot. can't wait to give them a try.
peace, E-mile

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