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Grant Green Jr. ''Jungle Strut''

Grant Green Jr.

''Jungle Strut''

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My Japanese limited edition reissue of 1997 album packaged in a miniature LP sleeve.

Grant Green, Jr. -- also a guitarist -- recorded an album for the Japanese market in 1997 that Grant Green, Sr. could very well have made: a fine chitlin-circuit set of soul-jazz populated mostly by tunes from the '60s ("Walk on By," "Green Onions" "When a Man Loves a Woman"). To his credit, Jr. doesn't sound exactly like Sr.; his harder tone, solid R&B-oriented comping, and repeated stabbing riffs place him closer to Joe "Boogaloo" Jones, or George Benson in a funky mood. Green often defers to his flamboyant alternating organists Reuben Wilson and Michael Torsone, and altoman Eddie Pazant delivers a typical (for the genre) mixture of bop and soulful grandstanding. The rhythm section is a tough, kicking combination of Bill Foster (bass) and Ernest Colon (drums) (CDUniverse)

Grant Green Jr. Guitar
Reuben Wilson b3 Organ *
Michael Torsone b3 Organ
Eddie Pazant Alto Sax
Bill Foster Bass
Ernest Colon Drums

1 We can fly*
2 Jungle Strut
3 Walk on by*
4 Green Onions
5 When a man loves a woman
6 Lazy afternoon*

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By Bill


Bill said...

Bill says ..

JazzyPier said...

GREAT! Thank u Bill!

E-mile said...

new to me, thanks Bill!
peace, E-mile

AmBrOsE said...

Thanx Dude

E-mile said...

oops, I kinda did NOT see Jr. [:-)
I thought it was just Grant Green...
silly me, but I heard a few nice tracks anyhow [:-)
peace, E-mile

Bill said...

Thanks for the comments, it`s still got Reuben Wilson and Eddie Pazant and it`s pretty rare.

james said...

I saw Grant jr and Reuben at the Detroit Jazz fest a couple years ago, can't remember who was on drums, a younger guy, just the trio.. but they killed it. looking forward to checking this out, thanks

Andy said...

Awesome Bill thanks so much,really good sound.Great post.

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